​Youth and Discipleship, World Missions Leaders Re-Nominated

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​Youth and Discipleship, World Missions Leaders Re-Nominated

Published: | by Ashley Alderman

As one of the first orders of business of the 75th General Assembly, four key ministry leadership positions were re-nominated by the General Council to serve an additional two years.

Gary Lewis was first elected in 2012 as Director of Youth and Discipleship. David Blair was elected assistant director in 2012.

Also in 2012, Tim Hill, who had just completed eight years on the executive committee, was elected to fill the post of General Director of World Missions. Elected to the post of assistant director of World Missions was John D. Childers, formerly state overseer of Alabama.

Lewis and Blair were the first two leaders nominated and offered their remarks upon being nominated for a second two-year term:

LEWIS: “Everyone in this room, regardless of age, needs to find someone to pour into…if not, find one. I would encourage everyone to be a mentor to the next generation.” Lewis also thanked his colleagues in Youth and Discipleship and particularly his family: “Ministry is a family journey, and I appreciate their support.”

BLAIR: “I pledge to serve faithfully alongside Gary Lewis as we passionately pursue our resolve to reach and disciple the next generation…which is the greatest generation.”

HILL: “I stand here today proudly representing over 650 missionaries who serve in the 178 countries proud and call themselves Church of God….it’s your support that keeps missionaries on the field…and we must all engage in finishing the Great Commission.”

CHILDERS: “This is an honor and I stand here ready to give everything I have to this church.”

The names of all four leaders nominated by the Council will be sent to the General Assembly this Friday to be voted upon. If elected, their terms would expire in 2016. 

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