​Bible study… on the go!

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​Bible study… on the go!

Published: | by Ashley Alderman

How do you stay connected with your church--and the Bible--when it’s not Sunday? I know for me, it's been hard to find an easy solution!

I was excited to find out that the Bible and Journal app is changing all that. I hung out with Danny Schulz this morning to learn more, and I can't wait to give you all the details. 

“Our core concept is building apps around Bible reading plans and journaling, in a way that is customized for churches,” he said. “We work in partnership with Logos to bring 40 translations of the Bible to the apps we create.”

Each church can have their own customized app, which includes the Bible reading and journaling components, as well as announcements, bulletins, prayer requests, church calendar, social media links, and more.

Danny knows firsthand how important it is for a congregation to stay connected, and stay in the Word. In addition to working with the Bible and Journal app, he, his wife of 11 years, and their three children have recently left Boise, Idaho, to plant a church in Spokane, Washington (I’ve always wanted to visit that area of the country, and Danny said it is as gorgeous as advertised!)

Danny’s new church is already using the Bible and Journal app to establish community and assist with giving.

SAVINGS TIP: If you’re at the General Assembly, drop by his booth for discounted pricing! You can also check out the website for more info. 

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