State of the Church

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State of the Church

Published: | by Ashley Alderman

There are certain words so powerful, so inspiring, so challenging… that you can never be the same after hearing them.

Today, Dr. Williams’s State of the Church address was filled with those kinds of words.

In a spirit-filled address, Dr. Williams challenged the denomination to rekindle a true passion for God and His Word

“I feel a sense of desperation in my heart for a spiritual awakening, a spiritual renewing, a spiritual reformation in the Church of God,” the General Overseer stated, before boldly laying out a plan for spiritual revival.

His plan defined several “urgent priorities,” including engaging scripture, embracing students, and equipping shepherds. But I was most deeply touched by his passionate insistence that the church refocus its energies on saving souls and ministering to the lost.

"The lost matter to God, and the lost must matter to The Church of God," he declared. “When we take just as much money to print our assembly agendas as we put towards church planting for an entire year, something has to change."

The energy of the room was electric as Williams continued to speak, courageously challenging those assembled to fully embrace the Great Commission, and boldly bring the Gospel to all the world.

Dr. Williams’s words touched me deeply. I was left both humbled and exhilarated. And many others expressed similar feelings as we discussed his speech afterwards. I truly believe we all witnessed one of the most important messages in modern Christianity today. 

We’ve heard the words. Now it's time for us to respond. Will we embrace the challenge of revival? 

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