Published: | by Ashley Alderman

Evangelist Joycelyn Barnett brought a dynamic, spirit-led message on the unity of the church during tonight’s World Missions service. I've never been a part of a more electric worship experience. 

“Tonight we pull down strongholds of racial, political, and philosophical divides that have polarized our very nation. Tonight we declare that there is no white church, no black church, no red church, no Spanish church, no yellow church, no brown church, no male church, no female church. We are one church by the blood of Jesus Christ. The walls that have separated us must come down.”

“We are in the right time, and we are in the right place. We are the church, and we are one.”

“We have not forgotten who we are. We have not forgotten whose we are. We are the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are one.”

“Our being one is not accomplished by the will of man. It is by the will of an almighty God.”

“We have a divine identity.”

“There is no entity on the earth likened to God’s church. We are supernatural in our operation… spiritual in our origin… sanctified in our use.”

“Jesus prayed for us, before there was an us.”

“We are the demon busters, devil chasers, Holy Ghost soldiers, and there is no entity in the earth like God's Church! We are one!"

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